Triple Chasm

The Triple Chasm Company Portfolio Mapper


What is it?
The Company Portfolio Mapper provides a powerful data-driven tool for the structured assessment of dynamic portfolios; allowing investors, intervention agencies and corporate M&A teams to select and actively manage the shape and balance of their portfolios.

Company Portfolio - Dashboard image 2

How does it work?

The Company Portfolio Mapper allows you to: 

  • Define your ideological stance, allowing the definition of different priorities ranging from ‘traditional’ investment criteria to a bias in favour of specific sustainability considerations.
  • Assess each of your investments based on 60 attributes grouped into the 12 vectors and 3 components of the Commercialisation Potential.
  • Provide clear data driven reports on the status and development of your portfolio.
  • Run scenarios with different investments, clearly distinguishing between existing and potential new investments.
  • Assess and evolve your investment strategy.

What do I do next?
This tool is used on all of our training courses and programmes. Get in touch to find out more about the Product Portfolio Mapper and how we could help you manage your portfolio more effectively.