Triple Chasm

The Triple Chasm Company Workbench


What is it?
The Workbench provides company leadership teams and their advisors with a powerful tool to actively shape the commercialisation journey of their products / services, creating a powerful bridge between the vision and the reality of delivery.

Workbench - Dashboard image

How does it work?

The Workbench allows you to:

  • Define your company’s ideological stance, allowing the definition of different priorities ranging from ‘traditional’ commercial criteria to a bias in favour of specific sustainability considerations.
  • Create your product / service Diagnostic (existing situation), Strategic Target and Gap Analysis for the 12 meso-economic vectors using 24 different tools.
  • Develop your product / service Execution Plan that addresses the identified Gap Analysis.
  • Monitor and manage the delivery of your Execution Plan.
  • Provide clear data driven reports on your commercialisation strategy to all stakeholders.

What do I do next?
Get in touch to find out about our sector specific programmes, each of which explores the research behind the Workbench and applies it to your product / service; whatever stage you are on the commercialisation journey.